When I came to Florida it was nice. It had problems like any other place but lately Thank's to the Gov there are people moving out the state, He is passing law's that are making life hard. And not only I but my Handler to want out of this state it is getting very bad here but for now we are stuck here like most so we have to stick it out. We really do not have the $$$$$$ to move.



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Family two many people to many gay's now a day when they come out to there family sometimes they do not accept them and turn there back's on them. And some turn to BDSM to become slave's sub's even pig's. And they beleive that when training or what ever get's tough they start to beleive there alone they have know family, they have some friend's but what about family? When I started training I had know family they turned away from me but my trainer saw I was going through hard times and he told me that I had another family. The other's that where being trained by other Handler's accepted me and my trainer accepted me. They became my family. So when I use to train and that pig was troubled I do the same I would accept him I would let them be part my family. We have family we just need to look it might not be blood but its family. Be it a fellow slave, sub, even pig we all are family we all are one. So your never alone. When those times become tough draw the strengh to push forward from your family from your fellow slave pig or sub. We have family sometimes we just need tgo open are eyes and see. Sometimes the problem at hand blinds us.

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The world has changed from time I knew it there was never this much hate and prejudice in the world as there is now. People back then did not care if you are gay black or have a handicap people excepted you as you where. A child used to be able to go outside and play without fear. Now most children only know a game system or there phone. A child now a day's do not even know dscipline they get away with hell. Today's world you have Hate, War, Prejudice. The hope is most is going out the light is fading. There still remains some that beleive in love,kindness,Respect,Honor,Loyalty. Even those basic words there meanin has became lost to other's What Happened to this world? Have we as a people lost the simple function to love, to trust,to show some respect, To know and have honor or to be Loyal to the one you love or even be loyal to your Master, Sir,  Handler, It seems that the simplist think as talking has gone away I mean realy talking. If people did more talking was open more shared more than the problem of leaving one may not be. I can go on about honor how it should be held in the higest. Honor your word, Honor your Master Sir Handler, Honor yourself. Take pride in the things you do. Do not be ashamed. But the world has changerd are time seems to be up. Should we go into the shadow's and give up? I think not.