Published on 26 March 2024 at 12:43

Family two many people to many gay's now a day when they come out to there family sometimes they do not accept them and turn there back's on them. And some turn to BDSM to become slave's sub's even pig's. And they beleive that when training or what ever get's tough they start to beleive there alone they have know family, they have some friend's but what about family? When I started training I had know family they turned away from me but my trainer saw I was going through hard times and he told me that I had another family. The other's that where being trained by other Handler's accepted me and my trainer accepted me. They became my family. So when I use to train and that pig was troubled I do the same I would accept him I would let them be part my family. We have family we just need to look it might not be blood but its family. Be it a fellow slave, sub, even pig we all are family we all are one. So your never alone. When those times become tough draw the strengh to push forward from your family from your fellow slave pig or sub. We have family sometimes we just need tgo open are eyes and see. Sometimes the problem at hand blinds us.

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