About piggy1

I am Piggy1 Master Pig Handler I was born and raised in a small town in WVA born in 1965. 1985 was a bad time for me a kind man took me into his home  and in the next morning he told me that he was going to better my life. I was told he was going to train me as a pig he went on to explain what would be expected of me and what I go through. He gave me a choice to go with the training he promised that it would better me or I can just stay. Well I chose to go through the training. From that day I was told to call him Handler Epperheart. Through time I soaked all in like a sponge I learned and was dedicated to my training. Handler Epperheart became like a farther to me he cared for me as his son. Through time I learned how to train others and became the Alpha pig. In 2022 I found a man that became my Handler and we fell in love. But that was a sad year for me I lost Handler Epperheart He died but befor he died he gave me his blessing to be with the Handler I have now He was going to perform the union but he died but before he died he told me that I earned this title twice over. I was given the title Piggy1 Master Pig Handler. I have had the name piggy1 because I was the first pig he trained. I have know regrets in taking his offer to be trained. He promised that it better my live and it has. Piggery has a stero type that others place on you. But it is not all what people think.


                        Piggy1 Master Pig Handler