Pride Month

Published on 12 June 2024 at 17:34

Pride. Gay pride lgbtq+ we have all right to be proud. We went from have knowe rights to having some rights. Prideit is differint from one to another. But pride is in yourself having pride in yourself. Who you are what you are.  But Never forget what we had to do to get these rights and what we need to do to keep these rights. In today's world these rights are threatined and we should not stasnd for it. We should be united be one. slave's, sub's pig's be proud of what you do for it takes strengh and it takes courage. Take Pride in your service, Take pride in all that you do. Hold your Head up high never be ashamed. Be proud of the collor you have on. Honor that collor be proud that you earned it. Remember where you came from remember your place be proud and show your Honor show your respect. Where your collors in pride in honor. Let know man or women outside tell you what you do is shamefull is for the weak. It takes strengh it takes pride. Honor this day and every day you share.

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